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Office of the Chief Financial Officer

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Office of Integrity and Oversight


OIO’s mission is to ensure accountability, integrity, and efficiency is maintained in the financial management and tax administration systems of the Government of the District of Columbia. Through its audit and investigative resources, OIO provides the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with independent appraisal of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) operations and assures the highest standards of integrity and security of OCFO employees.


OIO Internal Audit is responsible for conducting:

- Audits and reviews of OCFO agencies and programs with an emphasis on high risk areas in sensitive OCFO programs. This is accomplished through a coordinated planning process with the OCFO Chief Risk Officer and other District agencies.
- Required annual audit activities that significantly impact the financial integrity of the District, specifically overseeing the federally-mandated Single Audit related to the expenditure of billions of dollars in federal grants throughout the District Government, and reviewing OCFO actions to ensure that the OCFO meets the requirements of the critical Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).
OIO Internal Security is responsible for conducting:
- Investigations of alleged violations of the Code of Conduct and other matters that affect the integrity and security of the OCFO. When criminal misconduct is indicated, OIO notifies the DC Office of the Inspector General and law enforcement agencies, as appropriate, and may participate in joint investigations.
- Background investigations of newly hired and incumbent OCFO employees and designated OCFO contractor employees.
- Integrity awareness and other related presentations to OCFO employees and others to enhance recognition of integrity risks and the requirements of the Code of Conduct and to foster active employee participation in maintaining the highest standards of integrity in the OCFO.

Key Activities

OIO’s audit reports are available at the OCFO website

Biographies of Key Staff

Executive Director: Timothy Barry

Director, Audit Division: Tisha N. Edwards, CIGA

Director, Internal Security: James E. Glymph, CIGI

Contact Information

1100 4th Street, SW; Suite 750 E
Washington, DC 20024
Phone: (202) 442-6433
OCFO Confidential Hotline 1-877-252-8805