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About DC Lottery

Mission and Function

Our mission is to generate revenue for the District of Columbia through the operation and regulation of a lottery, and through the regulation of charitable gaming.

Please Play Responsibly Many District of Columbia residents, suburban commuters, and tourists enjoy DC Lottery games with the vast majority playing responsibly. Nevertheless, lottery games are still a form of gambling and can be abused.

At the DC Lottery, we encourage players to play lottery games responsibly, using only discretionary entertainment dollars to purchase lottery tickets. Lottery games are a "fun" investment, not a "financial" investment. No one wins when our games are abused. These games are designed solely for entertainment and the proceeds go to a good cause—our city. When we play in moderation, we all win. Please play responsibly and let's keep the good in a good cause.

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Key Responsibilities

Communications Department

Phone: (202) 645-7900
Plans and develops public information services concerning the DC Lottery's goals, mission, benefits and operations: develops and manages news media relations; publishes internal newsletters; provides writing and editing services.

Draw Department

Phone: (202) 645-8055
Responsible for daily & Lottery Draw operations

Information Technology Department

Phone: (202) 645-8054
Plans, develops, implements and manages the information technology systems and services for all lottery operations, including telecommunications. Manages the Information Technology (IT) operations of the gaming systems, internal control system, radio communications, landline and the Local Area Network (LAN) services.

Licensing and Charitable Games Department

Phone: (202) 645-8041
Licenses retailers to sell lottery products and nonprofit organizations to conduct charitable games; provides guidelines for operating games in accordance with DC Lottery Board Statute and rules; monitors and inspects charitable game events to assure compliance with statute rules; develops and maintains effective outreach programs to increase the number of charitable organizations awareness of the statutory requirements of licensed gaming as fundraising tool.

Marketing Department

Phone: (202) 645-8066
Develops and implements the strategic marketing plan; plans and produces advertising and promotional campaigns to generate revenues from lottery game sales; conducts product and consumers outreach and evaluation for product enhancement, positioning and increased sales.

Office of the General Counsel

Phone: (202) 645-8026
Provides legal counsel and representation; manages all legal business of the agency.


Phone: (202) 645-8090
Develops and implements a strategic sales plan, including comprehensive support and incentive programs for agents; promotes and sells instant games to agents; establishes, maintains and supports key accounts; solicits retailers to sell lottery products; provides guidelines for retailer operations; monitors and inspects agent locations for compliance with statutes and rules; trains agent and agent personnel to sell lottery products; recommends and coordinates installation and removal of lottery property at agent locations.

Security Department

Phone: (202) 645-8080
Develops and administers centrally-directed security programs: directs security audits of manual and automated management control systems; investigates allegations of criminal activities, conducts safety inspections, and administers the Agency safety program. The Security Department is also responsible for disaster recovery and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance programs.

Support Services

Phone: (202) 645-8018
Manages the lottery fleet, property, facilities and inventory control system; provides mail and delivery services.

How to Become a Lottery Retailer

The DC Lottery offers a variety of incentives to many types of businesses to become a Lottery Retailer. Your place of business could be a profitable Lottery outlet if the following elements exist at your location:
• High in-store traffic
• Impulse products are sold at the location
• Ability to promote lottery products
• Point-of sale-materials can be prominently displayed to build product awareness
• An accessible establishment that meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Incentives to Retailer:

• 5% commission on instant "scratch" and online (lottery terminal generated) ticket sales
• 4% commission on instant ticket cashes
• 3% commission on online ticket cashes
• 1% commission for selling the $100,000 POWERBALL ticket
• 1% commission for selling the $250,000 Mega Millions ticket
• 1% commission for selling the $250,000 DC Daily 6 ticket
• 1% commission for selling the $100,000 Keno ticket
• $25,000 commission for selling the winning POWERBALL jackpot ticket
• $25,000 commission for selling the winning Mega Millions jackpot ticket
• Various incentives are also offered at different times

Basic application requirements:

• You must operate a lawful establishment in the District of Columbia, which is open to the public and maintains regular business hours.
• Your primary business cannot be solely the sale of DC Lottery products.
• You cannot have a felony conviction within the previous five years prior to submitting your application.