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The Office of the Chief Financial Officer is Y2K- Ready

Monday, December 20, 1999

Washington, DC - Chief Financial Officer Valerie Holt said today, "The Government of the District of Columbia's Office of the Chief Financial Officer is ready for Y2K. The OCFO has identified potential Y2K problems and has worked diligently to correct them."

Since the summer of 1998, The OCFO, through the Office of the Chief Information Officer has worked to identify and repair or replace all date-sensitive applications and machines that effect the daily operations of the OCFO. This includes the inventory and analysis for information technology applications such as mainframe-based systems; non-information technology devices such as electronic door locks and fax machines; and end user computer applications such as desktop personnel computers. The OCFO is confident that its computer systems and applications will be ready for the year 2000.

Ms. Holt stated the OCFO has taken such precautions as pre-printing payroll and retirement checks in the event of a Y2K problem. " If a problem were to occur our plans call for checks to be distributed at each employee work location. Additionally, we also have a contingency plan for Electronic Benefits Transfer recipients, that includes preprinting of coupons and their manual distribution." Ms. Holt said.

Because the District's payroll systems are Y2K- compliant, the OCFO feels that there should be no problem with employees receiving pay checks. The CAPPS payroll system was purchased by the District as a Y2K- compliant product. The CAPPS system resides on the city's data center mainframe at SHARE, which successfully migrated to a Y2K compliant environment on October 25, 1999.

"With the plans the OCFO has in place, the transition into the year 2000 should be effortless," commented Ms. Holt.

For more information regarding the OCFO Y2K-preparedness please call (202) 727-2476 to receive a copy of the OCFO Y2K fact sheet.