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2022 RJ0 Captive Insurance Agency

Friday, September 17, 2021

The mission of the Captive Insurance Agency (“the Captive”) is to provide medical malpractice insurance for local non-profit health centers, and to procure real property insurance for District government real property assets, personal property insurance for District personal property assets, liability insurance to protect the District against loss arising out of a legal liability to others, and such other insurance policies as the Risk Officer determines necessary to minimize risk of loss to the District. The Captive was created by statute in 2008 and administered by the Chief Risk Officer, Office of Risk Management (ORM). ORM incorporated the Captive and began writing medical malpractice insurance policies in FY 2008. The liability of the agency is limited to the funds available to the Captive's participants. In FY 2014, the scope of the Captive was expanded to include property insurance.