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Why Would You Have Unclaimed Property?

  • If you retired, worked part-time, were reassigned, or laid off, you may not have received all of your wages.
  • If you discontinued payments on an insurance policy, you could be entitled to a refund or payment of a matured policy.
  • If you discovered uncashed business checks that were issued three years ago or more, you may have those checks in the drawer, or never received them at all.
  • If you've ever thrown away your mail without reading it, a company may have been trying to verify or confirm contact with you.
  • If you failed to pay the rental fee on a safe deposit box for three years in a row, your account will be classified as unclaimed property.
  • If you've forgotten to make a deposit or withdrawal from your checking or savings account for years, that money will be classified as unclaimed property.
  • If you've moved and failed to give your forwarding addresses to the organizations that you do business with, they may no longer know how to contact you.
  • If you never received a utility deposit, account overpayment, or an early-out payment.
  • If you tried to settle a family member's estate.
  • If your dividend, royalty payments, statements, or other correspondence from a company stopped.