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2020 GL0 District of Columbia State Athletics Commission

Thursday, July 25, 2019

The mission of the DC State Athletics Commission is to oversee the state interscholastic athletics programs and competitions in the District through the oversight of the DC State Athletics Association (DCSAA), which is charged with: (1) Ensuring that interscholastic athletics programs are compatible with the educational mission of member schools; (2) Providing for fair competition between member schools; (3) Promoting sportsmanship and ethical behavior for participants, coaches, administrators, officials, and spectators; (4) Promoting gender equity and equal access to athletic opportunity; and (5) Protecting the physical well-being of participants and promoting healthy adolescent lifestyles.

Summary of Service

The DC State Athletics Commission recommends changes to and annually approves the DCSAA handbook; establishes athletic appeals panels pursuant to § 38-2661.14 and issues the final decisions of such panels; advises the Mayor, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, and the Council on matters related to interscholastic athletics in the District and recommends rules to regulate interscholastic athletics programs and competitions; takes actions necessary and consistent with the laws of the District to implement its duties under this section; and oversees the functions and operations of the DCSAA.