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2018 AH0 Mayor's Office of Legal Counsel

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The mission of the Mayor’s Office of Legal Counsel (MOLC) is to provide legal counsel to the Mayor and the Offices of the Deputy Mayors and District of Columbia executive agencies, with particular attention to coordination of legal support with the agency General Counsel and their staffs.

Contact the Mayor's Office of Legal Counsel at 202-727-8812.

Summary of Services

MOLC acts as the primary legal counsel to the Mayor, all Deputy Mayors, and District government agencies. Under the governing legislation, the functions of MOLC are:

  • Coordinating the hiring, compensation, training, and resolution of significant personnel-related issues for subordinate agency counsel in conjunction with agency directors;
  • Providing legal and policy advice to the Mayor and the Executive Branch;
  • Resolving interagency legal issues for the Mayor;
  • Overseeing the representation of agencies in investigative matters before the Executive Branch of the federal government, Congress, or the Council of the District of Columbia; and
  • Supervising outside counsel in matters where the Office of the Attorney General is recused from a matter or otherwise not available.

In addition, MOLC generally advises the Mayor and the Deputy Mayors in connection with the implementation of the major policy initiatives and responsibilities.