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The mission of the Central Collection Unit is to support the Office of the Chief Financial Officer  through effective and efficient administration of District government non-tax debt collection.

The Central Collection Unit collects delinquent debts through the following agencies:

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DC College Savings Plan is a "tax-advantaged 529" college savings investment plan.

Budget and finance service icon

 Review retirement plans made available to District government employees. 

Doing Business in DC service icon

View the list of  “Financial Advisors” the District has engaged to serve as its independent registered municipal advisors.

Budget and Finance service icon

The DC Lottery is a revenue-generating agency of the District of Columbia. Each year the DC Lottery transfers millions of dollars to the General Fund.

Social services icon

Find help for your Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card, SNAP or TANF. 

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The OCF prepares fiscal impact statements and certifies the financial impacts of legislation that is to be considered by the DC Council's committees.

Data, demographics and maps service icon

Access a number of financial, credit and economic reports and other information for investment and financial planning.

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The Payment Operations Center provides assistance regarding payments and cashiering.

Taxes and payments service icon

OTR provides a state-of-the-art, walk-in customer service facility to meet DC taxpayer needs.

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Any cigarettes or "roll-your-own" tobacco that have been sold, offered or possessed for sale, or imported for personal consumption in DC while not included in this directory will be deemed contraband and subject to seizure and forfeiture.

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The Unclaimed Property Unit collects and helps residents claim lost or abandoned assets.

Doing Business in DC service icon

Get information and forms for doing business as a vendor to the DC government.

Wi-fi Coverage Area on the National Mall
Wi-fi Coverage Area on the National Mall logo

A “hotspot” is a site where anyone with a computer or other device with Wi-Fi capability can come and browse the Internet for free using the District’s wireless network.