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Department of Motor Vehicles Delinquent Debts

Central Collection Unit (CCU) has Responsibility for Collection of Certain Delinquent DMV Debts:

Debts must be delinquent over 90 days and debtor must have exhausted his/her right to contest tickets.

DMV Related Payment Arrangements

DMV related payment agreements will be considered for those District of Columbia customers in need of a DMV service, such as renewal of a Driver’s license and/or registration.  Payment arrangements that do not involve renewal of services will be handled by the CCU’s outside collection contractor, currently, Professional Account Management, LLC.  CCU does have the authority to work out arrangements on any qualifying debt, but “non-service” related payment arrangements will be on an exception basis only.

Collection Fee: The CCU is permitted by law to charge a fee to each person with a delinquent debt owed to the District of Columbia, and assigned to the CCU for collection.  This fee is required to be paid up front, or it will be deducted from the initial payment(s) made, as part of CCU arrangements to resolve the outstanding debt. Effective 10/01/2014, the CCU fee will be assessed at a Rate of 20% of the outstanding balance due; and added to all DMV tickets over 90 days old.

CCU is committed to resolving each debt in a consistent, firm, but fair manner, and one that is in the best interest of the District of Columbia Government, as determined based on the facts of each case.

Installment payment arrangements are not automatic.  The CCU will always make demand for full payment of the debt.  If the CCU later determines that payment arrangements are appropriate, the CCU may allow the debt to be paid over a specified period of time.  As a general rule, the CCU will demand an initial down payment of at least 25%; and the combination of debts must be $350.00 or more.   

Repayment will take place over a specified period of time, and based strictly on CCU policy requirements.  CCU Collections Representatives will consider payment arrangements based on various factors, including ability to pay, amount of the debt, and other pertinent factors.

CCU representatives may require documentation to analyze your financial condition, and may require payment arrangements to be made through a payroll deduction agreement or ACH withdrawal from your bank.

For DMV Debtors: CCU does not get involved in the validity of DMV fines, fees or penalties. If you still have time to contest a DMV ticket, CCU will not get involved in contestable tickets.  Additional information regarding contesting a ticket and additional appeals procedures are located on the DC-DMV web site.  The link to that site is: www.dmv.dc.gov or you can contact DMV at (202) 737-4404.

The CCU suggests that all debtors work closely with the CCU Collection Contractors assigned to your case. Questions or concerns can be addressed by contacting the CCU directly at: (202) 727-0771.

CCU methods of payment include cash, money order, or credit card. DC Government accepts Visa and MasterCard. DC Government does not accept American Express at this time.

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