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Credit Ratings of DC Municipal Bonds

As of September 29, 2014, the credit ratings for Income Tax Secured Revenue Bonds and General Obligation Bonds (uninsured) of the District are as follows:

  Standard & Poor's Ratings Services    Moody’s Investors Service, Inc.  Fitch Ratings, Inc.
Income Tax Secured Revenue Bonds


Aa1 AA+
General Obligation Bonds AA Aa1 AA

For the meaning of ratings assigned to specific District bonds, contact the rating agency that assigned it and review the “ratings” section in the applicable official statement.

The Credit Ratings and Surplus chart at the link below shows the historical budgetary surplus and General Obligation Bond ratings for the District. The District has moved from a junk bond rating in the early 1990’s to the “AA” category by all three major credit rating agencies. Beginning in FY 2009, District issued Income Tax Secured Revenue Bonds which are payable from and secured by District income tax revenues; the District does not pledge its general taxing power to repay these bonds. The District may issue Income Tax Secured Revenue Bonds or General Obligation Bonds to fund capital projects approved under the Capital Improvement Plan.

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