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DMV Customer Flyers

Monday, February 3, 2014

DMV Customer Flyers


Important Information from the
Office of Finance and Treasury
Central Collection Unit (CCU)

The Department of Motor Vehicles is no longer responsible for the collection of delinquent (91 days old or later) tickets or delinquent insurance lapse violations.  Collection of delinquent tickets and delinquent insurance lapse violations are now handled by the CCU.

If your tickets are less than 91 days old, please go to Adjudication Services (301 C Street, NW)

CCU Telephone Number: (202) 727-0771
CCU Telephone Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:15 AM - 4:30 PM

In order to discuss payment options with the CCU:

  • Customers must be unable to pay the balance due in full
  • Aggregate ticket/fee/insurance lapse violations must exceed $350.00
  • Tickets must generally be at least 91 days old
  • Tickets eligible to be contested will only be discussed if customer agrees to sign the CCU Waiver of Rights

The CCU will entertain any District or Non-District customer that is in need of extended payment arrangements, providing they meet the criteria shown above.

Customers that simply want to pay off tickets (single or multiple) can either pay online at www.dmv.dc.gov, at any of the DMV locations or through Professional Account Management (PAM) 866-353-7145 (if the customer received a notice from PAM).


  • Driver's License, DC ID Card, DC One Card, Passport, Military or Employment ID, or any other valid photo ID is required

CCU Customer Service Location
1101 4th Street,. SW  (2nd Floor)
Washington, DC 20024
CCU Customer Service Hours
Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM