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DCRB Board of Trustees

The DCRB Board of Trustees is currently composed of twelve (12) members:

  • Three (3) elected by the active Police Officers, Firefighters, and Teachers
  • Three (3) elected by the retired Police Officers, Firefighters, and Teachers
  • Three (3) appointed by the Mayor of the District of Columbia
  • Three (3) appointed by the Council of the District of Columbia

The Revitalization Act required the removal of the judicial representative and the alternate from the Retirement Board when the assets of the Judges' Retirement Fund were transferred to the Federal government. The Reform Act requires that one of the appointees of the City Council and two of the Mayoral appointees have professional work experience in banking, insurance, or the investment industry [DC Code § 1-711(b)(8)].

Once elected or appointed, each Retirement Board member serves a four-year term. The Reform Act was amended to remove term limits for Retirement Board members. The initial terms of Retirement Board members were staggered to provide the Retirement Board continuity and experience. The Chair of the Retirement Board is elected annually by the members; the tenure in that position is limited by Board rules to two consecutive terms.