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Restrictions in the Acquisition of Goods and Services

Under no circumstances should an order (written or verbal) be sent to a vendor or contractor without the authorizing signature of both the OCFO Director of Procurement and the OCFO Financial Officer. If a situation arises where an OCFO component agency must obligate the government in the form of a purchase order or contract that is unbudgeted or not identified in its annual budgeted spending plan, the component agency must work directly with the OCFO Financial Operations staff to identify funding and document the variation from the authorized spending and determine any financial or operational impact which may occur. It is imperative that these policies and procedures are followed in order to ensure the financial integrity of the OCFO and the Government of the District of Columbia. Failure to adhere to these policies and procedures may result in disciplinary action and exposure to civil monetary penalties and imprisonment.

Use of Government Credit Cards

All purchases for the OCFO with a District Government authorized credit card must be in accordance with District Government rules and regulations governing the use of these cards. OCFO employees are responsible for knowing the requirements for use of these cards and shall comply with all such requirements, including the types of purchases and the dollar ceilings established. Information concerning these requirements is available from your manager or the OCFO Office of Contracts and Procurement.

Requirement of a Valid Written Contract

Except in cases of authorized purchases under the District's credit card program, all OCFO employees shall obtain goods and services only in accordance with a valid written contract, pursuant to OCFO rules and regulations established by the OCFO Office of Contracts and Procurement. No OCFO employee shall enter into an oral agreement with a vendor to provide goods or services. Information concerning these requirements is available from the OCFO Office of Contracts and Procurement.

Anti-Deficiency Act Requirements

All employees shall comply with the requirements of the "District Anti-Deficiency Act of 2002" and Mayoral guidance on the subject. Specifically, all employees are prohibited from: making or authorizing an expenditure or obligation exceeding an amount available in an appropriation or fund; involving the District in a contract or obligation for the payment of money before an appropriation is made unless authorized by law; approving a disbursement without appropriate authorization; or deferring the recordation of a transaction incurred in the current fiscal year to a future fiscal year. Information concerning the requirements of the Anti-Deficiency Act is available from the Office of General Counsel.