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Illegal Activity

Controlled Substances and Intoxicants/Alcohol

No employee shall sell, use or possess controlled substances or intoxicants in violation of the law, while on government-owned or leased property or official duty, or use a controlled substance or intoxicant, such as alcohol, in a manner that adversely affects the employee's work performance.


No employee shall possess firearms, explosives or other dangerous or deadly weapons, while on official duty or on government-owned or leased property.

Reporting Arrests, the Filing of Criminal Charges, and the Disposition of Charges

Employees must notify the OCFO Director of Human Resources within seven business days of being arrested for any offense, and whenever criminal charges have been filed against the employee for any misdemeanor or felony.

Employees are similarly required to report the disposition of any criminal charge regardless of the outcome of the case by the next business day. This reporting requirement does not apply to the disposition of traffic offenses, except in the following circumstances:

  • The employee was arrested in connection with the traffic offense, or
  • The cited violation was alcohol or drug related, or
  • The disposition of the case involved an actual or suspended sentence of incarceration or community service, or
  • The disposition results in the suspension or revocation of the driver's license of an employee whose official duties require the possession of a valid driver's license.