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OCFO Mission, Values and Zero Tolerance Policy for Misconduct

The mission of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) is to enhance the fiscal and financial stability, accountability, and integrity of the Government of the District of Columbia (District).

The OCFO has identified three strategic values to achieve its mission:

  •  Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Public Service

The mission can only be accomplished if all OCFO employees take notice of their professional and ethical obligations and perform their duties with honesty and integrity. Thus, the Office of the Chief Financial Officer is committed to a zero tolerance policy for fraud and misconduct.


The OCFO expects employees to act with integrity, not only in terms of their own conduct, but in fulfilling their duty to report fraud, misconduct and suspicious or inappropriate activity, consistent with the OCFO zero-tolerance policy.

Employees are required to acknowledge receipt of the Code of Conduct, read and follow its rules, attend annual OCFO integrity and ethics training, and request clarification when necessary from their supervisor, the Office of General Counsel or the Office of Integrity and Oversight, as appropriate.

Failure to abide by this Code of Conduct, or any law and regulation, will lead to disciplinary action appropriate to the violation, up to and including termination of employment.


This Code of Conduct (Code) is designed to give all OCFO employees notice of their professional and ethical obligations, and to guide them in the fulfillment of their professional duties.

The Code imparts three fundamental values:

  • Employees should conduct themselves in such a manner as to maintain and enhance the integrity and professional reputation of the OCFO organization
  • Employees should not use their position to secure unwarranted privileges, awards, or exemptions for himself/herself or others
  • Employees should avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest between the employee's private interest and the employee's official duties.

Employees shall not engage in criminal, infamous, or dishonest conduct, or any conduct prejudicial to the DC government. This Code is not intended to be all-inclusive. Any act that tends to discredit the OCFO should be avoided, regardless of whether it is described in this Code.

In the event an OCFO organization (or an agency outside of the OCFO cluster in which OCFO employees function) promulgates rules of conduct unique to its mission that may overlap with the OCFO code, the more restrictive rule should always be followed.

Questions and Advice

The OCFO Ethics Officer is available to provide guidance regarding this Code and can be reached at (202) 442-8073. The OCFO Intranet site also contains relevant information on ethics issues.

Notice of Non-Discrimination

Employees shall not discriminate against or harass any other employee, applicant for employment or person dealing with the OCFO on official business on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, familial status, family responsibilities, matriculation, political affiliation, disability, source of income, or place of residence or business.

Sexual Harassment, a form of sex discrimination, is prohibited, and will not be tolerated.

Employees who engage in discriminatory conduct will be subject to disciplinary action.

The EEO and Diversity Specialist for OCFO is available to address these issues and can be reached at (202) 442-4069.